A commitment to our customers:

TruLux Elevator Interiors was born out of years of consulting clients in every facet of the elevator industry at Corporate Elevator. Clients continually asked us to design elevator interiors. We did this for years as a service of our consulting until one of our clients asked a simple question “You guys don’t manufacturer and install the elevator interiors? Why not? It’d be a lot easier” This got our wheels spinning and drove us to figure out exactly how to provide the full service. With our years of elevator experience and research of the elevator interior business we launched TruLux Elevator Interiors as way to offer our clients a superior elevator interior solution.

Our Services

  • Design and Install cab interiors
  • Metal Cladding
  • Consulting (unique experience beyond cab interiors)

Our Team


Trey Zackery


Rodger Rowley

VP Sales

John Zackery

Field Superintendent

Steven Seel

TruLux Elevator Interiors, we provide a complete-package interior design and installation service for clients looking for reliable and fast interior installations at honest and fair prices. We are not just invested in providing quality services, we go out of our way to give our clients results that exceed their expectations and, we do this without compromising our product standards or disregarding our delivery deadlines.

To be the trusted one-stop shop for all kinds of residential and commercial elevator interior designs and installations

Our Process

Our process is simple. Our certified sales reps consult our clients to not only design a great looking elevator, but one that is suitable for the environment. We want to ensure your elevator looks great and last long. Our online cab builder helps enhance this experience as it allows our end user to create different looks at their own pace. Once design is chosen, we will provide a quotation taking all circumstances (time, conditions, etc) into consideration. Our goal is to eliminate surprises and dreaded change orders so you can budget accurately. Upon receipt of order, we send a field technician to verify dimensions to complete drawings for approval. When drawings arrive we measure again to ensure accuracy, measure twice cut once. After drawings are approved we go into production. Our production process ensures minimal mistakes and tracks your order every step of the way. When the materials are ready they are hand packed carefully to be shipped without damage. The last step in this process is the installation. Our certified cab interior technicians install your elevator in an efficient manner with minimal intrusion. Lastly enjoy your new elevator interior, and prepare for compliments on your new look…..Trust us they are coming!

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